who is she?

Rie is a performance artist.

She sometimes does unexpected things in public places as a way of exploring themes and concepts that are interesting or intriguing to her. She crafts her life as a piece of art itself.

(More specifically, Rie is the performance artist persona of real-life person Marie Chatfield.)

where is she?

When Rie inhabits her corporeal existence, she can usually be found in California.

(Otherwise, she exists mostly -- but not exclusively -- inside the imagination of Marie.)

what are her pronouns?

her.prounoun.is/she/her, thank you for asking!

(These also happen to be Marie's pronouns, for the record.)

i don't get it

Have you ever wanted to be someone else for a day?

Have you ever spontaneously given a different name when you order a coffee, just to try it out?

Have you ever worn a costume or an outfit that's normally not your style, and felt like a slightly different person?

Have you ever wondered what it might be like if you had been born with a different name, or used a nickname, or didn't use a nickname?

Have you ever been too afraid to do something because it doesn't fit your understanding of who you are?

Those are the kinds of questions that Rie is interested in exploring. Rie's life and the presentation of her personality are themselves an art process and exploration, a smaller-scale version of the navigation of self we all do on a daily basis. Rie is just a bit more intentional about that process, since she's not a full-time identity.

(Also, Marie is really amused by the meta-ness of the performance of a performance-artist persona as a piece of art itself.)